#nanowrimo prep: Wringing a Novel from Word

Whether or not you choose to commit to #nanowrimo, you might want to:
– Write faster!
– Find your notes and ideas when you need them!

Wringing a Novel from WordSeveral writer friends have asked me to show (not just tell) my tricks for writing long manuscripts. Wringing a Novel from Word is now available as a download here, with detailed tips for getting more out of your tools.

These tips work for any word processing software that has Outline and Style functionality. I show details for Msft Word, because it’s been my writing tool since Word for DOS 1.0.

These tips show:

  • How to manage your planning and character notes within your novel’s main file.
  • How to use Word’s Outline levels to track plot points, date/time details, clues, and more — instead of using expensive software.
  • How to manage scenes and structure elements in outline view—for rising conflict, pacing action vs. narrative, point of view, …
  • There’s a template you can download to get started. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, Wringing a Novel from Word shows how to build custom Outline styles into your existing file, to help track your ideas and manage scenes and structure.

Take a peek [pdf format]

I can’t provide 1:1 support for using Word, but please add comments or questions here. My tips might spark ideas for how you can use Word to better map your thinking into productive, fluent fiction writing.

Creative Commons License
Wringing a Novel from Microsoft Word by Annie Pearson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License — share with your friends!

About anniepearsonOK

Author of the Rain City series, managing editor of Jugum Press, and writer/project manager for eclectic technical communications projects.

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