Ebook and Print Production from Word

ProductionGuide-Cover_811All that advice to “just use Word”? Then the results leave something to be desired?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for converting a Microsoft Word file to a cleanly formatted, easily updated MOBI file and a POD-ready PDF.

Get a FREE PDF download:
Ebook and Print Production from Word Production Guide 

Download related files here: Sample Files – OPF, NCX, CSS
POD-template for Word
See also FAQ for Production from Word Guide

In this step-by-step guide:
– Word-to-POD-ready Print File
– Word-to-MOBI Production
– Managing Styles in Microsoft Word

For creating print-on-demand (POD) PDF files:

  • How to get headers, page numbers, front matter, and back matter to look professional, quickly.
  • How to get justified text that doesn’t look like it was done by a space alien who’s heard of “rules of written language” but doesn’t realy grok what it means.

For creating ebook files:

  • How to quickly convert from Word and get the results you intend.
  • Make chapter breaks, the Table of Contents, and navigation controls work right, quickly.
  • Control art, chapter and page decorations, and internal hyperlinks.
  • Avoid wonky line spacing and bad indents.

These notes assume that your working environment is Windows and Microsoft Word. The ebook production steps focus on creating a MOBI file (Amazon format). You can find other guides and tools for creating an ePub for other eBook retailers, using the same source files as described in this guide.

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Author of the Rain City series, managing editor of Jugum Press, and writer/project manager for eclectic technical communications projects.

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