“The Sky High Road” by Moses Howard

The Sky High RoadJugum Press is pleased to announce the publication of The Sky High Road by Moses L. Howard.

The Sky High Road is a coming-of-age story for readers in grades 7–12, young adults, and all readers interested in the coming-of-age challenges for educated adolescents in 21st century African villages.

A first-look edition is now available for Amazon Kindle. Note: You can read The Sky High Road now in your browser without a Kindle device. Search “Kindle Cloud Reader” on Amazon.

The print edition of The Sky High Road will be available in early June. To find news about the print edition, see  http://jugumpress.com/moseshoward
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About The Sky High Road
A footballer faces crushing odds—against the Lord’s Liberation Army!
How to keep hope kindled for a brighter future? 

Jason, a 17-year-old soccer player in a Ugandan village, is worried about his O-levels and grieving his father’s death from AIDS. His grandmother sends Jason and his sister Katura on a journey to her home village. That unwanted chore turns to catastrophe when they are enslaved as child-soldiers in the Lord’s Liberation Army.

Jason and Katura battle their insane captors, who inflict hideous harm on the children they kidnap. Escaping, Jason and Katura encounter both helpers and new dangers on the journey home.

Can they bring home more than a solar lantern for their grandmother, carrying new light for their future in Uganda?

Moses L. HowardAbout Moses L. Howard
Moses Leon Howard is an American writer and educator who has been writing for children and adults for fifty years. A retired dean of a community college, biology teacher, assistant high school principal, and counselor/ mentor for students at risk, he lives in Tacoma, Washington. In addition to his career as an educator in the U.S., Mr. Howard served as a Fulbright Fellow in Africa and spent ten years training medical technologists and preparing secondary school teachers in Kampala, Uganda.

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Author of the Rain City series, managing editor of Jugum Press, and writer/project manager for eclectic technical communications projects.

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