A Band of Authors

These are key resources from the DIY Publishing classes hosted by Waverly Fitzgerald and Annie Pearson, through 2016.

Templates and Resources

Planning Templates from our DIY Workshops:

  • DIY Publishing Project Planning Template
  • Metadata Planning Template
  • DIY Publishing Accounts Spreadsheet
  • DIY Print-on-Demand template
  • Plus detailed task lists

Basic DIY Resources

2016 Indie 101 Resource List
(links all worked in March 2016)
Waverly Fitzgerald’s DIY list
Tool Tips for Writers and Self-Publishers

Working with Editors

Checklist for Writer/Editor Collaborations

Third-party resources for finding and working with editors:

Working with Designers and Production Services

Checklist for Working with a Graphics Artist
DIY CoverBasics-Online —  a summary from DIY Publishing 101 (pdf)

Third-party resources for finding and working with designers:

Third-party resources for finding and working with production services:

Creating a Social Media Presence

Our top DIY tips from 2016

Third-party insights on audience reach:

Making Choices as a Publisher

Pen Name? Business Name?
(queries from our DIY publishing classes)

Third-party FAQs for vendor decisions:

eBookstores — Author Sites

Aggregator/Distributors for Publishing eBooks

Understanding Search and Rankings for Ebooks on Amazon


Tip: Create Test Entries in Publishing Accounts

This tip comes from a question in the July 2015 class.
First, create your accounts — as noted in an earlier post, you can change the business name later. The details in your account on Amazon (for Kindle publishing), CreateSpace, or Ingram Spark do not appear with your book and its related data.

As soon as you create an account, you can find help and other resources on those sites.

You can also practice creating entries for books – even generate a sample proof from the POD vendor – without committing to publishing.

For example, I keep a Test Book entry on CreateSpace that I use to test possible covers for books, and determine exact page count of manuscripts in early stages.

So: jump in and do it:

  • Create your account on your chosen vendor platforms.
  • Create a Test Book entry, so you are comfortable with all the data-entry decisions.
  • Do not click the final button.

It’s nearly impossible to publish a book by mistake. Most of the tools will ask: “Really? Are you sure?” and then “Tell us again you’re sure” and then “Unless you click Cancel now…”