Fiction by Annie Pearson

Published by Jugum Press:

Rain City Incidents
by Annie Pearson

This series explores misadventures in among people in Seattle whose work drives their hearts’ desires, often in conflict with other love affairs. When odd things happen to quirky people, can they survive the wretched comedy of romance under grey skies?


The Grrrl of Limberlost
A comedic suspense novel that follows three self-absorbed voices through the frenzy and terror in their daily lives, mired in family losses and betrayals, while weaponized malware threatens to ruin Christmas.

Artemis in the Desert
An Austenesque buddy road story, as three friends re-unite for a motorcycle ride from Seattle to Sedona, capturing back-country America for a manga video. Plagued by weather and a persistent enemy and rival, our protagonists are looking for love while while blinded by the past.

Nine Volt Heart
A light-suspense romantic-comedy that explores personal and professional complications when Jason, the singer-songwriter, and Susi, a music teacher, meet by accident in Seattle, and their professional lives quickly become entwined in unexpected ways.

The Pirate King
Samsara Ada Byron is the world’s best cybersecurity sleuth – or a postpunk math dweeb lost in a darknet web of deceit. Tony, the infamous Pirate King of the dark alleys of the Internet, begs Sam’s help to expose a conspiracy. Meanwhile, Sam is being stalked by her old nemesis, the White Knights of the New Russian Revolution. Threats spill off the Internet until the only safe place seems to be inside the private enclaves of Seattle’s software elite. But what must Sam compromise in exchange for safety?

Rain City stories include recurring characters. However, each book can be read as a standalone story, with no cliffhangers. Later books do not reveal the stories of earlier books.

Accidental Heretics
by E.A. Stewart (my pen name)

This panoramic historical action/adventure series is set in 1210 in southern Europe.

Accidental Heretics Series

Bone-mend and Salt
Book 1 launches the arc of the long journey these three children of ancient crusaders undertake to find their enemy, while a holocaust is being kindled in the cities and villages of the Languedoc.

Trebuchets in the Garden
Book 2 continues the adventure arc of conspiracy and revenge. Ignoring demands from Pope Innocent III to temper justice with mercy, Simon de Montfort advances his campaign of terror. The trio is reunited in their search for respite and justice—just as Simon prepares to light the next heretics’ pyre.

Crux Lunata
In Book 3 of this conspiracy saga, young warriors from Valeros set off to fight for honor in fabled Andalusia, but instead find treachery and surprising new friendships.

Song of Valeros
Book 4 follows the Valeros warriors into the Reconquista campaigns of 1212 in Iberia.

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