Nine Volt Heart

Can you find true love without a non-disclosure agreement after your picture is on the cover of Rolling Stone? 

Nine Volt Heart

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Two musicians meet by accident in Seattle.
Jason, the infamous singer-songwriter, is a victim of falsehoods spread on the Internet.
Susi, a classical musician whose previous career came off the rails, is building a new life as a music teacher. Their professional yearnings quickly become entwined in unexpected ways.

Jason wants Susi to sing the haunting songs he’s written for her, if he can get his ex-wife out of his recording contracts. Susi doesn’t want to sing in public, and complains that Jason disturbs her hard-won serenity. Each tries to hide deep secrets from the other.

However, in love—and on the Internet—who really has secrets? Passion, mistaken identities, and a menacing stalker twist a love-at-first-sight story into a roller-coaster ride through the backstreets of Seattle, where tourists never go. Where both karma and sunshine can be so unpredictable in April.

Nine Volt Heart is a light-suspense romantic comedy. It contains explicit sex scenes and the undeleted expletives you’d expect at rock recording sessions in Seattle.

Reviewers say: “Get some sleep aids before you start reading Nine Volt Heart, Annie Pearson’s rock music romance AND thriller. You’ll find yourself rooting for a pair of unlikely lovers who must navigate Seattle’s tangled indie music scene to stay together. Then there’s the anonymous cyber-stalker who becomes oh too real. Pearson masterfully mixes suspense and love into a riveting read.” — Emily Warn, Shadow Architect

Nine Volt Heart

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  1. I contacted you on Twitter, because I wrote a review about The Grrrl of Limberlost on my blog. I would like to ask you if you would like to promote that book via my blog, because I really liked it and I would love to read more from you. Maybe you can write a guestpost or we can host an ebook giveaway? If you would like me to read Nine Volt Heart and write a review about it, I would also love to do so. You can find my contact information on my blog, so please contact me if you’re interested.

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