Reap Justice – Restoration Rules #2

A caper. In search of justice.

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ISBN: 978-1939423986

The nicest highwaymen you’ll ever meet,
the Foxe cousins now must fight a truly bad man.

In London, 1685, the Foxes of Cambridgeshire no longer need petty highwayman tactics to save their village. But now, one cousin—Tom Foxe, bound by past promises and his own honor—must launch a fever-paced heist to rescue old friends from dire jeopardy.

That danger comes from the Marquess of Withersea, a disreputable lord who’s short on funds and long on villainy. Further,  the marquess’s henchman, Mr. Cornelius Rosewurme, roams London juggling coins and elixirs and murderous mercenaries, such that it’s hard to tell what will fall first.

To orchestrate an audacious caper in search of justice, Tom needs his cousins’ help. However, they quickly find their own problems in London:
— Rowland, suddenly an earl, is compromised by his ducal mentor. 
— Lizzie undertakes a miserable chore for a royal heir. 
— Tamsin helps an overly dramatic actress regain her inheritance. 
— Ned the painter must turn to forgery to protect an innocent man. And his dog.

The Foxe cousins must unify to help their friends defeat danger, while always committed to their #2 rule for restorative justice:  Reap justice. Shun revenge.

This Restoration-era shaggy tale contains genuine 17th century minced oaths but isn’t much interested in teaching history. Plus, the plot is more complicated than the Hampton Court Maze.  !

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