Tool Tips

Software can do lots of heavy lifting for writers and editors.
Except this means understanding how to use more than the superficial capabilities of the software. For example, I believe writers should understand how to take advantage of Styles in Microsoft Word.

Step-by-step Productivity for Writers

Free Collaboration and Production Guides

…Or order bound copies:
Wringing a Novel from Word
Ebook and Print Production from Word
Working with a Graphic Artist

Wringing a Novel from WordWringing  a Novel from Word
How to use Microsoft Word styles to manage long, complex manuscripts–with specific ideas for managing structure in novel-length fiction.

Ebook and Print Production from Word 
Step-by-step guide to converting a Microsoft Word file and preparing a clean, easily updated MOBI file. MOBI is the format for Amazon Kindle files, and can be easily converted to ePub format.

More  Templates and Cheatsheets

Metadata Cheat Sheet for DIY Books
A download template for creating appropriate metadata for yor book, with tips and links.
An extended set of ideas introduced in. Stage Fright: Your Sample & Your Back Cover Text

Why do I make it so hard at first?Project Planning for Author-Publishers
An evolving task list for self-publishing authors.

Ebook Production Tools_2016
Comparison of some top tools (PDF)

Wait! How’d You Do That?
Some quick tricks for writing and editing in Microsoft Word.

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