No One Dies – Restoration Rules #1

A Restoration-era caper, a heist in search of justice.

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ISBN: 978-1939423979

To survive in Cambridgeshire, 1685, Tamsin Foxe leads the once noble Foxe family in genteel highway robbery. Disguised as her bedridden twin brother, Tamsin endeavors to fulfill their dying uncle’s wish: “Find who cheated us. And restore the Marborne title.” But she’s distracted: the woman she loves is in grave danger.

Masquerading as a Catalan noble, Lieutenant Rowland Foxe hunts the financial supporters of a failed rebellion. He knows a great deal about how to cheat a cheater. But in secret, his heart despairs: the woman he loves believes he’s a traitor.

Tamsin, Rowland, and their cousins must make a bold attempt to save the family when their neighbors’ betrayal places them all in even deeper jeopardy. A risky heist might save them—if they can hold to their strict Restoration Rules, especially Rule #1: No One Dies!

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No One Dies - Restoration Rules 1