Annie Pearson (aka "E.A. Stewart")ANNIE PEARSON lives in Seattle, currently focusing on work as fiction author and managing editor at Jugum Press.

Annie writes fiction in different categories, under two author names.

As Annie Pearson — @anniepearsonok

New historic fiction series: Restoration Rules series – Georgette Heyer joins Ocean’s 11
Contemporary fiction:  The Rain City Incidents series
This series focuses on life in Seattle among people whose work drives their hearts’ desires, often in conflict with other hopes for love.

raincity_joint_160 The Pirate King

As E.A. Stewart — @estewartauthor

Historical action/adventure: Accidental Heretics series: Lost in the Languedoc Crusade
and the follow-ono series Legends of Valeros.
These series present a panoramic historical adventure set in 1210 in southern Europe, when the French invaded the Languedoc to help eradicate the Cathar heresy.

Accidental Heretics Series


Jugum Press is an indie press providing eclectic titles in print and ebook formats. As Managing Editor, Annie focuses on these topics:



As a program manager and team leader for technical communications, Annie focuses on:

  • Collaboration and strategy for new technology messages: How to drive decisions and action
  • Content strategy for technology innovation: How to drive new strategic content for new ideas
  • Team strategy for eclectic projects: How to drive new processes for new idea
  • Content, team, and process for compliance programs in small orgs: How to drive the basics for Privacy and other compliance goals


  • Project lead: First Software Developer Kit (SDK) documentation for Kinect for Windows from Microsoft
    Goal: Quick success for a programming community unfamiliar with the hardware platform and programming environment, via clear, usable technical documentation.
  • Project lead: Developing Drivers with the Windows Driver Foundation
    Goal: Culmination of a three-year strategy to advance the new driver model with Windows driver developers worldwide, via correct, coherent documentation.
  • Project lead, lead writer: PC 99 System Design Guide (and its earlier and later editions)
    Goal: Make Windows PCs easy to use by driving industry standard design practices, via comprehensive engineering and driver documentation


  • 30+ years at Microsoft and other Northwest software companies as program manager and content strategy/lead writer for cutting-edge technology strategies and innovation
  • Earlier: Project manager and business management for Appropriate Technology/Solar Energy non-profit and federal anti-poverty programs.

Annie Pearson CV
See more project details on LinkedIn

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