9 Volt Heart: Finding the Music

Don McQuinn says that he’s finding new music by typing chapter titles from Nine Volt Heart into Pandora.

Me? I listen to KEXP because I’m hungry to hear what new songwriters are doing. I first heard many of the songwriters mentioned in Nine Volt Heart on KEXP, or back when it was KCMU, or KBCS.

It’s important to support musicians, who inspire and add value to everyday life, by paying for their music. The list of song titles from Nine Volt Heart is here, to help you find songwriters who have influenced contemporary music.

Reeves Gabrel at The Family Wash - East Nashville

“Nine Volt Heart” lyrics by Dave Alvin and Rod Hodges, © 2004, Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI; Blowout Music, ASCAP.

“A Fool Such As I,” lyrics by William Trader

“A World Out of Time,” lyrics by Henry Kaiser and David Lindley Continue reading