Curious Incident of the Cuckoo in the…

Irresistibly curious, I’m reading The Cuckoo’s Calling–not so that you don’t have to, because it’s actually a good British detective mystery (of which I’m a fan).

The only criticism I’d make is that the first 25 pages would not have made it over the transom in a U.S. publishing company, but from there, the book is more than just a little bit good. The psychologizing of characters is quite good–not as good as Denise Mina, but there might be a potential for the writer to get that good over time.

I’m just about to hit the mid-point plot twist (can’t hardly wait!), but paused when a new clue appeared: the sister-in-law of an attorney revealed confidential information learned from his family-law practice. Galbraith/Rowling has his/her own personal series of unfortunate coincidences–this time, fiction foreshadowed life.

Also, the publisher did a good job on the ebook formatting, and is not charging hardbound prices. Too bad, however, that the U.S. cover art sucks. Wish it were possible for the reader to choose the British cover. At least when my Kindle is in hand, you can’t see the bad cover of the book I’m reading.
— Annie Pearson

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