#9VoltHeart: Radio, Song, Band, Book

Nine Volt Heart started life as the cigarette-box size transistor radio, built from a kit with my brother’s help, that played tinny songs while I hung from a ladder picking cherries in Oregon. It might still be playing the The Witch by the Sonics.
Nine Volt Heart

Then it became an extremely emotive song from Dave Alvin and Rod Hodges, recorded on Alvin’s Ashgrove.

To say nothing of a My Chemical Romance rarity.

The tinny-radio life evolved to be Nine Volt Heart as a light-suspense serio-comedic novel (by me).

This year, the Nine Volt Heart band appeared.

There’s still the tinny radio, playing Louie, Louie, the Searchers,  Pretty Woman…

Do You Want to Know a Secret? You Really Got Me.

Nine Volt Heart

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Author of the Restoration Rules and Rain City series; managing editor of Jugum Press.

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