In today’s news: hand-coding beats machines

Serious, no whining!

You have perhaps endured accounts of my travails over the state of tools for building ebooks. Today I just gave up and hand-coded everything. If you deduct the time I spent looking for the single curly quote that found its way into my NCX file (via copy/paste; sigh), it took less time than it’s ever taken to futz/experiment with any of the various automated tools. And since I modularized everything, it’ll take less time with each title far into the future.

All the earlier suffering came because I was too lazy to build my own NCX index. And who made that task difficult? Me, because I keep writing books that have 134 chapters (give or take 3).

So here’s to the tool that beats all ebook-building tools: Notepad++
You’ll get no more whining from me!
(At least on this particular topic)

NCX from Hell

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