ch-ch-ch-changes – dubstep version

My July post for Steyer Associates plays on the David Bowie song — so if I’m going to risk an DMCA takedown, I might as well double-up and use the same headlines.

“every time i thought i’d got it made”

My Managing Up tips for TechComms professionals this month tackles the challenges of organizational and technology changes:

For those of us who’ve been around for a while, we turn over every rock labeled “new,” wondering: “Have I seen one like this before?”

Check the post for my best ideas on how to cope when management shakes the dice at your workplace.

“you’ve left us up to our necks in it”

Nine Volt Heart - A Rain City Comedy of MannersTwo “Rain City Comedy of Manners” books:

Artemis in the Desert

Nine Volt Heart

The Grrrl of Limberlost .


Other people’s books that I’ve published through Jugum Press are also on Kindle Unlimited right now:

Opera_Logo-2014.C.160pxEnrique Prado’s Opera en Español libretto translations  (We have more titles coming this fall!)

Journey into Gold Country: Memories of a Forty-Niner (Gold Rush memoir)

All Jugum Press ebooks are always DRM free. In fact, at Jugum Press we can’t even type “DRM” without being overwhelmed by humanity’s ability to do stupid things with technology.

“i still don’t know what i was waiting for”

Accidental HereticsI figured out who dies at the end of Book 3 of Accidental Heretics.

Book 3 was intended to be many pages shorter than Books 1 and 2, but that didn’t happen. So if you are the person who chooses books based on the width of the spine, you will not be disappointed by Book 3.

“oh, look out you rock ‘n rollers”

JohnI haven’t committed to any live music in August by putting money down. I expect to check out the KEXP-sponsored music at the Mural Amphitheatre. Nothing in the other #Seattle outdoor venues appeals to me as being worth slathering on mosquito repellent.

So it looks like August music will feature headphones in the garden … which are required to drown out the neighbor who sings and plays guitar. Although I heartily endorse the effort, he lives 25 yards away and is 10 years short of being any good.

Credits: “Changes” by David Bowie, from Hunky Dory, December 1971.


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