DIY Task List: Opera En Español

I’m a believer in task lists, and in breaking tasks lists into ever smaller parts—which is likely why my career as a technical writer took a turn into management. I’m working on a series of Managing Up posts for Steyer Associates about program management tasks for tech-comms professionals.

While that series develops, I’ll create some parallel entries here for fiction writing and publishing tasks for independent authors who publish their own work.

Opera_Logo-2014.C.160pxHere’s a modified task list for producing a book on the Opera En Español series that Jugum Press publishes. These are Spanish-language translations of opera librettos created by Dr. Eduardo Enrique Prado Alacalá. I keep this list to guide the tasks that must be complete when I’m publishing several librettos simultaneously.

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ch-ch-ch-changes – dubstep version

My July post for Steyer Associates plays on the David Bowie song — so if I’m going to risk an DMCA takedown, I might as well double-up and use the same headlines.

“every time i thought i’d got it made”

My Managing Up tips for TechComms professionals this month tackles the challenges of organizational and technology changes:

For those of us who’ve been around for a while, we turn over every rock labeled “new,” wondering: “Have I seen one like this before?”

Check the post for my best ideas on how to cope when management shakes the dice at your workplace.

“you’ve left us up to our necks in it”

Nine Volt Heart - A Rain City Comedy of MannersTwo “Rain City Comedy of Manners” books:

Artemis in the Desert

Nine Volt Heart

The Grrrl of Limberlost .


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Opera en Espanol: New Jugum Press Adventures

As managing editor at Jugum Press, I’m working to publish translations by Enrique Prado of major opera librettos in Spanish.

Barbiere_1913_CROPPEDMy editorial and production tasks closely resemble my twenty years’ work on technical tomes for Windows driver developers. This content, however, is farm more emotionally charged. And proofreading Windows pseudo code never prompted as many laughs as proofreading Don Pasquale.

However, it may be that some of those old Windows programmer publication projects prompted as many tears as Tosca, though less blood on the floor.

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None Dare Call It Vanity

As the owner, managing editor, art director, and acquisition editor of Jugum Press: I’m a grown woman and I can do what I want.

And thanks to POD technology, I can finally answer to the siren call of freedom I first heard from the bearded, bushy-browed former CPUSA activist in the Southern Oregon College copy shop:

“Freedom of the press belongs to those who own the press.”*
Jugum Press

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Back to the 1992 Future

I wrote the Windows 3.1 Resource Kit using my own WYSIWYG Word template, being the first to deliver Msft Press a camera-ready manuscript using only Msft tools. Then I became one of the first adopters of the infamous Msft MAE templates. Until I began creating Web pages—and even after—I did most of my writing in ready-for-print Word files.

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Launching The Grrrl of Limberlost

Major thanks to early reviewers at Amazon and Goodreads!
Book details on Jugum Press site.
The Grrrl of Limberlost  GRRRL is available from all your favorite vendors.
If you can’t find it at your local bookstore, ask them to order via Ingram:  ISBN: 978-1-939423-18-4

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I promised a comparative study of Lisa Tilton’s cover development, similar to the discussion of Nine Volt Heart cover. The final cover for GRRRL still gives me chills … so here’s a tour of the choices. Continue reading